Best Way To Fix Blackberry Browser SSL Error

If you are facing Blackberry Browser SSL error on your PC, we hope this blog post can help you.

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    1. Hello everyone! If you’re having an issue where the Password SE browser keeps rejecting websites that list any security certificates that are probably not valid. When I reboot my phone your current phone starts working but the same problem persists after a whileme. Even when the phone is turned on, it ignores the saved WiFi password. Not sure if the problems are related, but do you know anyone?

      07-28-19 05:35

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      Does BlackBerry Trust SSL certificates?

      One thing I’ve noticed is that BlackBerry doesn’t trust some Let’s Encrypt certificates. Therefore, if a website uses any of them, it will be displayed with a warning. WordPress, for example, just started rolling out SSL encryption for all of their hosted blogs, and from now on this warning appears and the client needs to add an exception – view.

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      navin.khadka Beste Möglichkeit, Den SSL-Fehler Im Blackberry-Browser Zu Beheben
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