Tips For Recovering A Bootable USB CD-ROM

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    Today’s article is written to help you if you receive a “Bootable USB CD-ROM” error message. (1) Call BIOS -> select [Boot] -> select USB / CD-ROM drive in all options [Boot Override] (2) Call BIOS -> select [Boot] -> change the boot priority of the tablet to USB / CD- ROM is the first boot device. (3) While holding down the [F8] key, press it while pressing the Power button to turn on the device. You can select any UEFI in addition to a non-UEFI boot device from the full list.

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    How do you make a USB flash drive emulate a bootable CD ROM?

    Connect your USB drive to your computer and right click on your current desktop.Click “Start” to make your USB storage a theme.Just insert the CD you want to hang on USB.Double click on the new message to make sure it was downloaded and copied correctly.

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