Easy Way To Fix Directx Directdraw Vlc

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    Hopefully this guide will help you as you become familiar with directx directdraw vlc.

    VLC Does Not Filter All Subtitles

    directx directdraw vlc

    If VLC automatically tracks your subtitle file, or you opened it manually, but VLC mostly displays subtitles from time to time, you need to adjust the encoding of the subtitle file.

    1. Go to Tools → Preferences → / Key Codecs → Other Codecs → Subtitles and set the correct encoding of the subtitle text.
    2. Go to Source Settings – Video – Display: Output and just set the video output module to DirectX video output (DirectDraw).

    You may also need to uncheck the box for DirectX: use hardware YUV-> RGB conversion.

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
  • Step 2: Launch the program and click "Scan"
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    • Software: VLC Media Player 3.0.11
    • Operating system: Microsoft Windows ten Pro x64

    General Settings Guide

    • Open the vlc settings window via Tools> Settings. Settings

    simple parameters

    • Set the display options to Simple.

    1. Interface Parameters

    • Menu Languages: Set the language you want to use to display the selection in VLC Media Player.
    • Uncheck the “Resize UI to fit video” option.

    2. Sound Settings

    Preferred language: here the user can create languages ​​that will be used to select audio tracks for the specified language. If there are audio tracks in the preferred language listed above the video file, they will most likely be selected in the order they were entered by the user.

    directx directdraw vlc

    Usually you need to enter a comma in two or tre-letter codes of expressions (ISO 639-2 section).

    Link to ISO 639-2 codes for different languages: https://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/code_list.php

    Some language codes in the name of the languages:

    < / p>

    • German: English, in
    • Arabic `ara
    • chinese: chi, zh
    • Finnish: ok, fi
    • French – fre, fr
    • German: ger, de
    • Korean! ! ! cor, to
    • Russian: rus, ru
    • Hindi: -hin. hello

    3. Video Settings

    Why can’t VLC play 3D video on my computer?

    Try switching between the source video stream settings in VLC Media Player. You can set the video output module to Direct 3D video output, DirectX DirectDraw, and also to Open GL video output.

    • Display> Output: here the user can select the video renderer which is sometimes used by VLC.
    • Set the output to “If Automatic”, you don’t know what to select. VLC will automatically buy the video renderer.

    • Direct3D11 Video Output: Uses Direct3D 11 APIs. Recommended to have 8 windows and 10.
    • Direct3D9 Video Outputs: Uses Direct3D API to generate files. Recommended window for Vista, 7.8 and 10.
    • Output video DirectX (DirectDraw). Usage: API Directdraw. RecommendedSupplied to work with Windows XP.
    • OpenGL video output for: Windows uses the OpenGL API. !
        . adjust

      Output to video output Direct3D11.

    4. Subtitle And Screen Settings

    Preferred subtitle language: user can set languages ​​herewhich is used, in particular, to select a subtitle track in a specified language.If the video has subtitles in your preferred language as indicated,The file must then be selected in the order it was entered by the person for it to be suggested along with the video.

    You can enter the language using two or more letters (ISO 639-2 code), separated by a comma.

    ISO link with 639-2 programs for different languages: https://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/code_list.php

    Language requirements for some languages:

    • German: English, in
    • arabic like ara
    • Chinese: zhi, zh
    • Finnish: ok, fi
    • French: fre ,. fr
    • German hero, from
    • Korean: kor, ko
    • Russian: rus, ru
    • Hindi: hello, hello

    5. Input Decoding And Codec Settings

    Hardware acceleration… The user can choose which form of hardware decoding to use to decode the entire video.

    • Automatic: VLC decides which hardware decoder to use.
    • Direct3D11 Video Acceleration: This option uses Direct3D Graphics 11 technology to decode video. Nvidia supports AMD and Intel GPUs.
    • DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) 2.0. If you choose this situation, DirectX will use Video Acceleration (DXVA) 2.0 for video decoding. Nvidia, AMD fishing rod and Intel GPU.
    • Disable: No hardware accelerated decoding is used.
    • Click the Save button to save your settings

    Advanced Settings

    • Open window preferences by choosing Advanced> Preferences.
    • Change the Show settings to All.
    • Select the Advanced tab.
    • Activate to increase the priority of the process normally.

    • Select the “Audio” tab.
    • Set the audio output to step 5.00
    • Set the voice output to stereo mode on the stationhereo.
    • Select the tab> Audio Output Modules.
    • Configure the audio output module to output the media window device.

    • Select Audio> Output Modules> MMDevice tab.
    • Set the Windows Audio API Output Session as the output backend. This configuration uses the Mirosoft WASAPI audio interface.

    If you want the VLC Media Player window to stay on top of all other windows, here’s what you can do:

    • Always check from above.

    Additional Settings For VLC Medai Player

    1. Video Output Settings

    • Select video module> Output Units tab.
    • Set the video module output to OpenGL for Windows video output.

    Outputting an OpenGL video clip for Windows settings

    • Choose Video> Output Modules> OpenGL to display the tab below.
    • Set the main display values ​​of ITU-T Rec. ITU-T Rec. ITU-R. BT.2020 (Ultra HD).
    • Set the display gamma / transfer function to Power pure gamma 2.2.
    • Click the Save button.

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