Solution For Easy Download Of System Files Acekard 2i

If you notice you have downloaded the acekard 2i system file, this user manual should help you.

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    download acekard 2i system file

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    Hello, thanks for your help, because the card was just broken. It formats excellent SD cards every time I transfer the SD card to the card. This is probably why it was a mailbox, I will still be full To post the latest news. Thanks for your specific help. PS What flash drive to buy?

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    Hello, let’s skip to my last post – how do I know which update is already up to date? acekard This is an old license from my daughter and I amI usually know what file I need in the market to download it, because I don’t know exactly what I already have there.

    You specify which version of the map is actually the symbol that has been displayed since execution

    Whatever is on a specific SD card, just insert AKAIO 1.9 into ..

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
  • Step 2: Launch the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to fix any issues that are found

  • Okay, thanks, I’ll try, figure out what and how to do it. Do I need to format the card first? I used to follow the download link in Sticky Posts, but it seemed to me that the device was not working.

    1: SD Formatting Tool (

    2: AKAIO 1.9 ( for SD card

    3: Update the map (http: // www if you need to update the map.

    I downloaded and extracted the formatter and formatted the device so that there was nothing on it. Then I told you story 1.9.1, drawn at the root in the direction of the map. Then I unzipped the generated file ak2ifw_update_3ds43_dsi144_onDsi_DSXL_3DS.nds and dragged it to the root of the SD card.

    Then I often insert the sd card into Acecard and insert it into my ownThis is the DSLite I have. I have activated this. I get a system message – the file is missing. DS Lite is version 5 (2 green screens) according to Google instructions on how to check the firmware version.

    What have I done wrong?

    download acekard 2i system file

    I definitely thought that maybe I should pack other information on an SD card – not exactly the one for DSL 3DS. I removed one and installed the other – still says the Circle file is missing on DS.

    So I am lost.

    You need to open 1.9 file, maybe copy aio folder along with akmenu file to SD card

    Submitted from my U8815 with Tapatalk 2

    Good. Now I have:
    at the root of my SD card.1) the _aio directory with all its bits that appear there
    2) a folder with games containing
    game3) Update in 3ds that I downloaded from Acekard
    4) akmenu4.nds
    5) Download the changelog
    6) Read me AKAIO
    7) Read me before
    The game works in MY DSiXL and DSLite, but in 3ds it just comes with a black LCD and an error message.

    Do I have to do something with the credit card if it goes into my DSiXL, will it work in 3ds Fashion?

    VstUpload acekard to dslite or nintendo dsi, then download and create the update file shown. I like the game. Subscribe
    then follow the instructions on the screen.

    Submitted from my U8815 with Tapatalk It 2 ​​

    Yippie worked. I appreciate you very much. I ended up going to ( which helped me a lot. The video shows all the steps and has different video tutorials, different for cards / consoles.


    beautiful 1 .. 🙂

    Now make sure your company removes the update file from the SD card and log any subsequent crashes.

    all you need on an SD card is:

    1: _aio folder
    2: akmenu4. File
    3: the name of the video game (in a folder if you like)
    4. Saving files

    and don’t update dsi or 3ds often, each of our maps doesn’t work anymore ..;)

    Fix your PC now with this powerful software - click here to download it and get started.

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