How Do I Resolve The First Contact Error Message I Received In Case Of Aggressive Exchange Issues?

Over the past few weeks, some of our users have reported their first contact error message during an aggressive exchange.

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    I am trying to establish a connection between 2 pfsense.1 (static IP) and Fritzbox 2170 IP

    The dynamic tunnel builds well at first, but after splitting and changing the public IP address of each Fritzbox, the tunnel does not always recover correctly.

    Phase 1 succeeded, position 2 succeeded, and SAs were created. Reinforcement of the tunnel in a few seconds. Then, for a few seconds, Racoon just starts creative phase 2, new SAs are created and added, and then I get: “Remove some generated policy”. Always on. That’s all, the tunnel does not switch immediately. No security policy, this item has been removed as Racoon reports to everyone. After that, nothing happens for at least 30 seconds. There are no log entries.

    Restarting Racoon does the same thing. Only the Racoon interrupt, the physical removal of the SA (still 0B traffic on the original side of PfSense) and the restart of Racoon work. The tunnel is open, traffic can go, changing keys is easy, no problem. With the exception of Fritzbox’s public IP, things changed so quickly. (For testing purposes, I popI tried to restart your current Fritzbox and push and pull the DSL cable because I couldn’t find any other way to get a new IP, but of course I was also expecting to automatically shutdown when it was dark.

    The dynamic hostname used during installation is always updated correctly and I can see the new IP in Firelogs.

    What did this mean? Why can Racoon Two Phase 2 be installed in just 5 seconds? First reaction, second start. And accompanied by deleting the correct SP that was just generated, even without creating a new one? Another mistake? I tried to help you read everything I could find on similar questions. There were some annoying bugs when reconnecting, but they all need to be fixed now. (?)

    I’ve tested configs on both, systematically tried every possible setting, deleted settings, regenerated, rechecked, and then etc. I’m trapped. Although I heard that it is possible to connect Fritzbox to PfSense, it doesn’t work for me.

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    However, January. 21:30:42 Raccoon: INFO: Purgé Proto_id = ESP ipsec-sa spi = 377696948.
    January 30 21:30:42 Raccoon: INFORMATION: Generation removalA fixed strategy.
    30. 21:30:41 Raccoon: [fritze]: INFORMATION: IPsec-SA configuration: ESP my own static IP [500] -> my IP [500] dynamic spi = 2336167132 (0x8b3f14dc)
    Jan 23 21:30:41 Raccoon: [fritze]: INFO: IPsec-SA demonstrates: ESP my static ip [500] -> my ip [500] insane spi = 114445326 (0x6d24c0e)
    January 30 21:30:41 Raccoon: WARNING: Focus has changed.
    30. 21:30:41 Raccoon: [fritze]: INFO: Start new negotiation phase 3: my static IP [500] <=> my crazy IP [500]
    30. 21:30:19 Raccoon: [fritze]: INFO: IPsec-SA configuration: ESP my static power IP [500] -> my IP [500] spi = 563254625 (0x21929561)
    30. 21:30:19 Raccoon: [fritze]: INFORMATION: IPsec-SA configuration: ESP my dynamic sound ip [500] -> my ip [500] spi = 222644338 (0xd454872)
    Twenty-nine January 21:30:19 Raccoon: ATTENTION: The attribute has changed not so long ago.
    Jan 30 21:30:19 Raccoon: [fritze]: INFORMATION: continue negotiating new phase 2: my sound IP [500] <=> my dynamic IP [500]
    30. 21:30:19 Raccoon: [fritze]: INFO: IPsec-SA configuration: ESP small static IP [500] -> my dynamic spinnaker = 377696948 (0x168332b4)
    Yang ip [500] is not bad. 21:30:19 Raccoon: [fritze]: INFO: Known IPsec-SA: ESP my static IP [500] -> my powerful IP [500] spi = 260905455 (0xf8d19ef)
    Jan 30arya 21:30:18 Raccoon: INFO: Update generated policy:] sizes0] proto = any dir = in
    Jan 30 21:30:18 Raccoon: [fritze]: INFO: Response to new phase 2 resolution: my dynamic static IP [500] <=> my IP [500]
    25.21: 30: 18 Raccoon: [fritze]: INFO: ISAKMP-SA checked my static IP [500] -my dynamic IP [500] spi: 4f68c401b355ab8a: fcef2c8ea1c4b31d
    January 32 21:30:18 Raccoon: [fritze]: [85.180.149.ERROR: 189] Received an INITIAL-CONTACT message during a tumultuous exchange. 30
    21:30:18 racoon: INFO: Added xauth VID payload.
    30. Jan 21:30:18 Raccoon: INFO: Received Vendor ID: DPD
    Jan 29 21:30:18 Raccoon: INFO: Received Draft-ietf-ipsra-isakmp-xauth-06 id: .txt
    21:30:18 30 Raccoon: INFO: Starting aggressive mode.
    30. 21:30:18 Raccoon: [fritze]: INFO: Respond to new phase 1 negotiation: my new IP [500] <=> my dynamic static IP [500]
    until January 30th. 9:30:17 AM Raccoon: ERROR: You can already find these guidelines. replace it anyway:▪0] sizes0] proto = any dir = in
    Jan 30 21:30:17 Raccoon: ERROR: Such a directive already exists. Replace product anyway: [0] [0] proto = any dir = out
    Jan is rather a decent raccoon 21:30:17: INFO: PF_KEY message not supported REGISTRATION
    Jan 30 21:30:17 Raccoon: [Self]: INFO: my own static IP [500] is used as ventilation isakmp (fd = 10)
    Jan 30 21:30:17 Raccoon: [Self]: INFO: my static IP [500] is used for 50 nat-t
    21:30:17 racoon: [Self]: INFO: This static IP [4500] is used as isakmp docking station (fd = 9)
    Jan 30 21:30:17 Raccoon: [Self]: INFO: used my static IP [4500] versus 30 nat-t
    21:30:17 racoon: INFO: Read config from “/var/etc/ipsec/racoon.conf”
    Jan 30 21:30:17 Raccoon: @ (#) This information: Links to OpenSSL 1.0.1e products Feb 11, 2013 (
    January 30 Raccoon: 21:30:17 INFORMATION: @ (#) ipsec-tools 0.8.1 (

    error notification initial-contact received in aggressive exchange

    My settings: Phase 1 mutual PSK – thug – single – obey (strictly no difference) – 3des as sha1 – key group 1 – lifetime three thousand six hundred – nat – disabled – dpd enabled

    error notification initial-contact received in aggressive exchange

    Stage 2: the networks specified above, in particular – 3des – sha1 or key group 1 – lifetime 3600 ping – internal address of the Fritzbox host.

    This is the (only) working configuration between PfSense and Fritzbox.

    I really wanted to organize another PfSense tonight regardingreplacing Fritz and doing some special testing, but they used end locks on the body and my screwdriver is not the right size … ahhhh ….

    When I say I’m not so lonely, tell me that similar problems, but not the same, have arisen around the resources I could find. A 😉

    I forgot to mention maybe a couple of words. While pfsense indicates that the tunnel with the yellow cross is inactive, Fritzbox believes it may be active. 0 B Increase the original pfsense, the value of the Fritzbox source (constant ping which is lost in most PfSense black holes) 😉

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