Best Way To Resolve Event_reach Status 0x84

If your system is event_reach 0x84, hopefully this guide can help you fix the problem.

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    I am currently in a situation where I have multiple ISR-G1 routers with IOS 15.1 (4) M7 and I cannot fully sync them up with the NTp source. Are they public NTP servers and uswhether you yourself have one of the modems as an NTP server. East

    Here is my configuration from an NTP web server that I configured on the most important 1841

    Execute NTP-MASTER # sh | Ntp Topic
    NTp Logging
    ntp Authentication Key 1 md5 0802455D0A16544541 7
    ntp Authentication
    ntp 1 Trusted Key
    ntp master 7

    And it might be what is still configured and mapped to the NTP-CLIENT (router 1811 with IOS 15.1 (4) M7

    event_reach 0x84 status

    Start NTP CLIENT # sh | Location Logging
    ntp ntp
    ntp authentication key 1 md5 02250D4808095E731F 7
    ntp authentication
    ntp trust key 1
    ntp server

    * 15.May 17: 54: 36.459: NTP Core Synchronized (info): to help you with, Stratum 7
    * 17.May 17: 55: 20,732:% SYS-6-CLOCKUPDATE: The system clock has been updated from 17:54:36 UTC on Saturday 17 May this year to 17:55:20 UTC on Saturday 19 May 2014, configured using NTP and also from version
    * May 17. 17th: 55: 20,732: NTP Core Time (Note): Reset 44.272715 s
    * 17.May 17: 55: 38. NTP 732: Core (INFO): peer ‘event_reach’ Situation (0x84) Status’ unreach, conf, 7 conference, event_reach ‘(0x8074)
    * 17 May 17: 55: 38,732: Core ntp (INFO): synced from, Stratum 7
    * 18 May 17:55: 45734:% SYS-6-CLOCKUPDATE: System clock updated as of 5:55:40 UTC on Saturday 17 May 2014 5:55:45 UTCon Saturday May 17, 2014, configured from NTP with
    * 17. May 17:55:45 NTP 734: Kernel (NOTE): reset time 5.002567 s

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
  • Step 2: Launch the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to fix any issues that are found

  • NTP-CLIENT # sh ntp status – clock is not synchronized, stratum 07, ref. 10 –
    nominal frequency can be 250.0000 Hz, real frequency is 249.Hz, 9949 perfect is 2 ** 15, and the reference time can be described as 0000000000000000 (00: 00: 00.000 UTC February 1, 1900). Msec
    The 1951 loop filter status is “SPIK”, the drift was 0.000020457 Poll s / s
    System interval sixty four, never updated.

    address ref clock st si 7 13 64 3 1.456 27264.0 3937.7
    * system # even, selected, + candidate, 4th burst, x false tickers, ~ configured

    This show is supposed to tell me that the hosting isn’t working, but … I have no idea why it’s not working. The exact configuration for IOS 12.4 works fine. Also, I tried the powerful 881 router with 15.3 (3) M1 and home synchronized with public NTP servers but using the “server ntp” command. It’s also worth noting that ISR-G1 routers also show the same messages in the report when trying to connect to open public NTP servers.

    It seems to me that I am not hereI do it, but I can’t find the game anywhere. I have looked at someone’s documentation for the iOS version but configured NTP as shown here. Also, I also checked due to reservations that might be open on a specific platform / iOS, but couldn’t find anything related to the timing of my problem.

    event_reach 0x84 status

    So, can anyone spot my personal mistake here? It makes me angry. I also want to point out that they are not produced – they are in my office. Thus, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to solving a problem.

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