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    If you are getting an Excel Ole Perl Win32 error message on your computer, then you should check out these troubleshooting tips.

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    Here is a basic list of operations that I got when writing my scripts in Excel using the Win32 module. I would like to share this.

    excel ole perl win32

    #Modules to useuse cwd 'abs_path';Use Win32::OLE;Use Win32::OLE qw (in Win32::OLE::Const c);Use "Microsoft Excel";$Win32::OLE::Warn = 3;#For Excel files, you must use the actual pathmy $excel_file means abs_path("$Excel_path") or die "Error: View $Excel_path not foundn";# Open Excel applicationmy $Excel = Win32::OLE->GetActiveObject('Excel.Application')   || Win32::OLE->new('Excel.'Exit');#Application', open the Excel filemy $Book = $Excel->Workbooks->Open($excel_file);#Make Excel visible$Excel->Visible = 1;#___ ADD NEW NOTEBOOKmy $Book = $Excel->Workbooks->Add;my $Sheet is equivalent to $Book->Worksheets("Sheet1");$Sheet->Enable;#Save Excel file$Excel->DisplayAlerts=0; # This is displayed above the "This file already exists" message.$Book->Save; #Or $Book->Save As("C:FileName.xls");$book->close; #or $Excel->Exit;

    excel ole perl win32

    #Get energy worksheetmy $Book = $Excel->ActiveWindow;my $Sheet means $Book->Activesheet;#List of worksheet namesmy @list_Sheet means map $_-> 'Name' (in $book->worksheets);#Access the specified worksheetmy $Sheet is $Book->Worksheets($list_Sheet[0]);#Add new worksheet$Book->Worksheets->Add(After => $workbook->Worksheets($workbook->Worksheets->Count));#Change worksheet name$Sheet->Name = "Worksheet Name";#Freeze windows$Excel -> ActiveWindow -> FreezePanes is "True";#Delete sheet$ sheet -> delete;
    #Change cell value (2 methods)$Sheet->Range("A1")->value implies 1234;$Sheet->Cells(1,1)->Value = 1234;#Change values ​​in a specific range of cells$Sheet->Range("A8:C9")->Value = [[ undef, 'Xyzzy', 'Plug'],                               [42, 'pearl', 3.1415]];#Edit formula in mobile phone (2 types)$Sheet->Range("A1")->Formula = "=A1*9.81";$Sheet->Range("A3")->Formula R1C1 equals "=SUM(R[-2]C:R[-1]C)"; Number Sum of rows$Sheet->Range("C1")->FormulaR1C1 "=SUM(CR[-2]:CR[-1])"; equals # sum of columns#Change text format (font)$Sheet->Range("G7:H7")->Font->Bold = "True";$Sheet->Range("G7:H7")->Font->Italic = "True";$Sheet->Range("G7:H7")->Font->Underline implies xlUnderlineStyleSingle;$Sheet->Range("G7:H7")->Font->Size = 8;$Sheet->Range("G7:H7")->Font->Name = "Arial";$Sheet->Range("G7:H7")->Font->ColorIndex is 4;#Change number format$Sheet -> Range("G7:H7") -> NumberFormat ="@"; # texts$Sheet -> Range("A1:H7") -> NumberFormat = "$#,##0.00"; # Currency$Sheet -> Range("G7:H7") -> NumberFormat = "$#,##0.00_);[Red]($#,##0.00)"; Digital currency - red negatives$Sheet -> Range("G7:H7") -> NumberFormat = "0.00_);[Red](0.00)"; # Numbers with decimals$Sheet -> Range("G7:H7") -> NumberFormat = "#,##0"; commas in numbers$Sheet with -> Range("G7:H7") -> NumberFormat is "#,##0_);[Red](#,##0)"; # Numbers with commas - purple minuses$Sheet -> Range("G7:H7") -> NumberFormat is "0.00%"; # percent$Sheet -> Range("G7:H7") -> NumberFormat matches "m/d/yyyy"; # Events#Align text$Sheet -> Range("G7:H7") -> HorizontalAlignment implies xlHAlignCenter; # center text;$Sheet -> Range("A1: A2") -> Orientation = 90; Rotate numeric text# Activate cell$Sheet -> Range("A2") -> Enable;$Sheet->Hyperlinks->Add(   Anchor => $range, #Hyperlink cell range; e.g. $Sheet->Range("A1")   address => $adr, path, #file http address etc.   TextToDisplay => $txt, #Text in cell   ScreenTip => $tip, #Tip bit when hovering over a hyperlink);

    Note. See the following post for a list of hyperlinks.Get complete list of hyperlinks from Excel spreadsheet with Perl Win32::OLE

    #Insert line before/after line 22$Sheet->Rows("22:22")->Insert(xlUp, xlFormatFromRightOrBelow);$Sheet->Rows("23:23")->Insert rev(-4121.0); #xlDown is -4121 and the fact that xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove is 0#Delete line$Sheet->Lines("22:22")->Delete();#Set tree width and row height$Sheet Range('A:A') -> -> ColumnWidth = 9.14;$Sheet -> Range("8:8") -> RowHeight = 30;$Sheet -> Range("G:H") -> Columns -> Autofit;# Get last row/columnmy $last_row= $Sheet -> UsedRange -> Find(What=> "*", SearchDirection=> xlPrevious, SearchOrder=> xlByRows) -> Row;my $last_col=$Sheet -> UsedRange -> Find(What=> "*", SearchDirection=> xlPrevious, SearchOrder=> xlByColumns) -> Column;#Add county (Method 1)$Sheet -> Range("A3:H3") -> Borders(xlEdgeBottom) -> LineStyle = xlDouble;$Sheet -> Range("A3:H3") -> Borders(xlEdgeBottom) -> Weight = xlThick;$Sheet -> Range("A3:H3") -> Borders(xlEdgeBottom) -> ColorIndex= 1;$Sheet -> Range("A3:H3") -> Borders(xlEdgeLeft) -> LineStyle = xlContinuous;$Sheet -> Range("A3:H3") -> Borders(xlEdgeLeft) -> Weight means xlThin;$Sheet -> Range("A3:H3") -> Borders(xlEdgeTop) -> LineStyle implies xlContinuous;$Sheet -> Range("A3:H3") -> Borders(xlEdgeTop) -> Weight = xlThin;$Sheet -> Range("A3:H3") -> Borders(xlEdgeBottom) -> LineStyle is xlContinuous;$Sheet -> Range("A3:H3") -> Borders(xlEdgeBottom) -> Weight

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