Easy Way To Fix Hackintosh Kernel Panic Log

It seems some users have encountered an error in the hackintosh kernel panic log. This problem can occur for many reasons. We will discuss this below.

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    I am trying to set up ML connected to my Hackintosh. I’m almost ready, just in case there is no sound and power control

    However, when I start the system, it works fine for a while, but randomly crashes. Unfortunately, a lot of money is invested in displaying on the screen the cause of this or that panic. Sometimes the game puts some text in the new top left corner, but not the full SMS, so I can’t see what’s causing the panic

    Can anyone point my routine in the direction in which the next panic might be written? I can’t find it in any log file Alt=”:(“>

    You have indeed given us very little information that would allow both of us to help you.

    but I don’t see any kernel panic logs /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports

    It should appear in your window if you have keepyms=1 as well as debug=0x100 as boot arguments in your Clover config. (There’s nothing wrong with bringing them there all the time, so I don’t sleep). Sometimes it is not possible to write log data when the computer isNicknames or fails for obvious reasons.

    What can I do to fix this data loss?

    Backup like to help you restore and/or restore a backup? We constantly see people acting stupid and not backing down in this subreddit. Don’t be one of them.

    hackintosh kernel panic log

    Problems initially encountered when running the macOS installer just before the installation GUI appears.

    # Stuck On [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START]

    hackintosh kernel panic log

    This section is divided into 3 parts, so be careful:

  • Boot issues
  • Kernel patch issues
  • UEFI issues
  • Virtual issues
  • # keyword #

    # Loading Issues

    Top culprits to look for in the bootloader section:

  • DevirtualizationMmio

    • Some MMIO interrupts are still required for safe operation, so you should either not include these regions in Booter -> MmioWhitelist or disable this feature altogether. Read more here: Using DevirtualiseMmio
    • For TRx40 users, includeread this feature
    • For X99 users disable this feature as it doesn’t work with some firmware
  • SetupVirtualMap

    • This feature is required by many firmwares, and without it, Kernel Panic Perfect is very common, so enable it if you haven’t already.
    • Mostly for Z390 and earlier, this feature should be enabled.
    • However, some firmwares (mostly 2020+) do not yet work with this feature and therefore may cause a kernel panic of this type:
    • Intel’s Ice Lake series
    • Intel’s Comet Lake series (B460, H470, Z490, etc.)
    • B550 and A520 from AMD (Latest BIOS on X570 now also included)
      • Many B450-X470 boards with late 2020 BIOS updates also included
    • AMD
    • VM trx40
    • as QEMU

    • X299 2020+ BIOS updates (This applies to other X299 surfboards with the latest BIOS released at the end of 2019 , which became known as 2020+)
  • EnableWriteUnprotector

    • Another issue could be that macOS unfortunately conflicts with the CR0 registry write protection. To solve this problem, we have 2 options:
    • If your main firmware supports MAT (firmware 2018+):
    • EnableWriteUnprotector -> False
    • RebuildAppleMemoryMap -> True
    • SyncRuntimePermissions -> True
  • For older firmware:
  • EnableWriteUnprotector -> True
  • RebuildAppleMemoryMap -> False
  • SyncRuntimePermissions -> False
  • Note. Some laptops (such as the Dell Inspiron 5370) with MAT support crash on startup. In these cases, you have two options:
  • Boot with strange combination of legacy firmware (e.g. EnableWriteUnprotector with RebuildAppleMemoryMap + SyncRuntimePermissions) disabled
  • Enable DevirtualiseMmio also see instructions from MmioWhitelist (opens in a new window)
  • In terms of MAT support, firmware built with EDK 2018 will support this kind of support, and many OEMs have added support for Skylake laptops a long time ago. The problem is that it’s not always obvious if the OEM has updated the firmware, you can check the OpenCore logs if you have them (see how to get the log here):


    • Note: means the pivot is a MAT, and 0 means it’s not really k.

    # Kernel Fix Issues

    # AMD users

    • Missing Core Idle Time (opens in new window) (only applies to AMD processors, make sure those are OpenCore bits and not Clover. Clover offers MatchOS and OpenCore has MinKernel< /code> and additionally Maxkernel)
      • Note that deprecated kernel patches also have the same effect. Make sure you are using the latest patches for AMD OS X.

    # Intel users

  • AppleXcpmCfgLock and AppleCpuPmCfgLock
    • Missing CFG or XCPM fixes, include AppleXcpmCfgLock and therefore AppleCpuPmCfgLock
      • Haswell and newer require only AppleXcpmCfgLock
      • Ivy Bridge and earlier require only AppleCpuPmCfgLock
        • Broadwell and earlier require AppleCpuPmCfgLock if you are using 10.10 or earlier
    • Also, someone can properly disable CFG blocking: Fixed CFG blocking (opens in a new window)
  • AppleXcpmExtraMsrs
    • May also be required, usually for Pentiums and other weird systems that macOS doesn't natively support.
  • # former Intel users

    In macOS Big Sur, many firmwares have issues that determine the number of CPU cores, causing the core to switch to silkscreen too early. Approximately sequentially, you can see the following panic:

    • Enable AvoidRuntimeDefrag in Booter > Quirks
      • This should work for all firmwares

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