Solution To Block Website In Windows XP Using Firewall

Sometimes your computer may display a message about how to use a firewall to block a website in Windows XP. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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    How do I block a website with Windows Firewall?

    a) Click the Start button, select Control Panel, type Internet Options in the search box, and then click Internet Options. b) Click the Security tab, select the type of restricted sites, and then click Sites. c) To add a website, enter the URL in the “Add this website to the zone” field, then click “Add”.

    We can block all websites on any operating system with Thread Porty Firewall.

    Install any firewall p on your good local system and create a traditional Raoul blocking everything

    If you are comparing sites that you really want to resolve to long with your local DNS values.

    Make sure the roll is not the last roll.

    However, you really need to do something on every system

    If there are options, let me know.

    I only have blacklisted sites that I add to
    blocked sites in IE. I don’t think it can be run directly
    in XP, but I certainly won’t get to know it. Someone else could tell you
    other preferences if you provided a ton of other
    details, like which browser you use, when it’s only for 1 device or
    everyone in the group>

  • Block Websites In Windows XP Without Third Party Computer System Or Firewall

    How do I block a website on Windows XP?

    Press the Start button frequently to open the Windows Start menu. Click on “Control Panel”.Click on the specific Internet Options icon, which looks like a window with multiple tabs.Enter any password when prompted by Content Advisor.Click the Approved Websites tab.

    how to block a website in windows xp using firewall

    by zed.sysadmin about 13 years ago when searching months ago

    I’m working on a network I am an administrator in a corporate environment and my personal job involves managing about three hundred workstations and 5 servers. But my brand new direction is to eat my brains to help you block some unwanted websites that can be misused by employees and therefore waste your time on other websites. Of course, I have SonicWall, but few users use multiple third-party tools to view this type of website. Eventually, I got fed up with it and started looking online for new approaches to blocking websites. FYI, all desktops are XP on Professional on a Server 2003 computer’s network infrastructure. Getting back to the specific point, I found a great clue on one of the forum websites.

    We can block websites by editing one of the HOST files that come with all professional operating systems under XP.

    View this post here:

    I hope this works for you ifyou follow all the steps clearly. If you have any problems, you can answer me by replying to this post.

  • how to block a website in windows xp using firewall

    by zed.sysadmin about 13 years and 10 months ago

    Block Websites In Windows XP Without Third Party Software, Also Known As A Firewall

    I work as a network administrator in a purely professional environment and my job is probably to manage about 300 workstations in addition to 5 servers. But my management was racking their brains just to block some unwanted websites that employees can abuse and spend most of their time on such websites. Browse these types of websites. I finally created the Federal Reserve and began scouring the Internet for new ways to clog websites. FYI, some of the desktops have XP to manage the Server 2003 network infrastructure. So, back to business, I found an o A personal tip on an interesting nearby website.

    We can block websites by changing one of the HOST files present in every professional XP operating system.

    I hope this works for every person as long as you make all the sentences understandable as stated. If you buy issues, you can give me your feedback by replying to these messages.

    Let’s look at several ways to filter access to specific websites, website URLs, URLs, or IP addresses in Windows without using third-party tools. In our case, we will try to get you to block certain websites that will undoubtedly use the built-in Windows 10 tools and hands-free PowerShell features.

    It’s usually easier to interfere with websites on your network modem (the switch or Wi-Fi hotspot you usually use to access the Internet) that are running third-party software (content filters, DNS filters, etc.). ).).

    Block Websites Using The Windows Hosts File

    The most commonAnother way to get a specific block location on Windows is to edit the corresponding hosts file. It is usually located in the %windir%system32driversetc directory. Just note that the hosts file does not have all extensions.

    Can a firewall block certain websites?

    While firewalls with the added full DNS-based restriction capabilities are effective at blocking websites, they can only block an entire website, not specific URLs. When a user types “”, their browser performs an absolute DNS query to retrieve the site’s IP address.

    The hosts file is used to manually assign IP address mappings between contact names and DNS. When resolving stars, hosts take precedence over the DNS servers specified in the Net Link network settings.

    To block a specific business page (e.g. Facebook, .com), open the “types” file (with admin rights) and add the following lines:

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  • Save the file and restart your computer (or flush the DNS cache with the following command: ipconfig /flushdns).

    After that, if you try to access in any browser, you will see the message “Page not found” / “Page not available”.

    You can now add new website URL strings to your hosts using the .bat file type:

    @echo off
    set hostspath=%windir%System32driversetchosts
    echo >> %hostspath%

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