Issues With HP Service Pack For Proliant 2013.02 Should Be Fixed.

In some cases, your system may display an error downloading the HP Update Pack for Proliant 2013.02. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    The ProLiant Service Pack (SPP) is simply a simplified and consolidated package of firmware, drivers, and system software that simplifies server management, provides 3x faster online updates, and is likely to become part of the HPE Server Update Experience.

    Download all required drivers and firmware updates for your HP Proli serverant is extremely important, especially if the hardware interface is critical for installing a new operating system or virtualized environments (VMware-HyperV). Until recently, HP customers could install the HP Service Pack (SPP) for free to build Proliant servers, but this is no longer the case as HP requires customers to pay a fee to get started with the popular SPP package.

    For those who don’t know, HP SPP is a single ISO image containing all the latest firmware and PC drivers for HP Proliant jar drives, supporting old and new computers, including virtualization platforms such as VMware and HyperV.

    hp service pack for proliant 2013.02 download

    From HP’s point of view, you’ll either find and download all the drivers you think your server needs often, or your company will buy a support contract and get it all in one ISO with all the extra tools you need needed to make life easier. – sounds elegant, doesn’t it? Well it depends on the concept you are considering… not everyone is willing to pay for firmware and driver updates as they are usually providedfree.

    A quick search for HP Proliant firmware as well as drivers on any search engine brings up HP Enterprise Support, and in the middle it looks like most of us are just one step away from downloading our coveted SPP:

    Introduce a person. Try downloading the hp service. p. Package for ProLiant (SPP) ISO

    Customers get the bad news after clicking the “Get Software” link:

    Fig. 2. Sorry, you need to pay and download the HP Service Pack ISO!

    Well, that’s not the case, at least not now.

    Apparently HP introduced this new insurance coverage to make sure customers pay for separate server driver updates, but they (thankfully) forgo one very important fact: HP Service Pack ISO location protection for ProLiant (SPP): )

    hp service pack for proliant 2013.02 download

    For direct and seamless access to the latest alternative HP SPP ISO images, click the following URL or simply copy and paste it into your web browser:

    The HP FTP server appears to be wide open, making it easy for anonymous users to access and download the latest SPP ISO from Now, instead of having to search pretty much the entire specific SPP repository and find the SSP file they want to download: < /p>

    What is SPP in HP server?

    The ProLiant Service Pack (SPP) is an ISO photo containing firmware, drivers, and product packages for Linux and Windows. The components of each SPP have been previously tested together for stability.

    Fig. 3. The latest (free) ISO version of HP SPP is just one click away!

    Simply click on the “Catalog Level Up” web link to go to the top and view all other versions of each SPP repository!

    How do I download HP ProLiant Service Pack?

    Open a web browser and follow the link provided. Click here to access SPP version 2019.03. one .Select the file the visitor wants to download.Provide these product credentials if required.Save the file to the system directory.

    It’s great to see that HP really cares about their customers and allows them to frequently download the HP Service Pack (SPP) for Proliant Servers for free. It’s not every day that you and your family get a supplier who can generously offer their customers, as long as you have an HP Proliant server, be sure to update their drivers and therefore firmware while you still can!

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  • Note. The above URL may not be active yet. If so, anyone can download it here:

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    How do I find SPP version on HP ProLiant server?

    You can view information about each version of HP SPP within a given run. htm in a World Wide Web browser. The file is currently located in the HP SPP root directory. I hope you find these strategies and information helpful.

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    Los Problemas Con HP Service Pack Para Proliant 2013.02 Se Pueden Solucionar.
    Неполадки при работе с HP Service Pack для Proliant 2013.02 должны быть устранены.
    Proliant 2013.02용 HP 서비스 팩 문제는 확실히 수정되어야 합니다.
    Probleme Mit HP Service Pack Für Proliant 2013.02 Sollten Behoben Werden.
    Les Problèmes Avec HP Service Pack Pour Proliant 2013.02 Devraient être Résolus.
    Problemen Met HP Service Pack Voor Proliant 2013.02 Moeten Worden Opgelost.
    Problem Med HP Service Pack För Proliant 2013.02 Bör Vara åtgärdade.
    Problemy Z HP Service Pack W Proliant 2013.02 Powinny Zostać Rozwiązane.
    Problemas Com O HP Service Pack Para Obter O Proliant 2013.02 Devem Ser Corrigidos.
    I Problemi Relativi A HP Service Pack Per Proliant 2013.02 Dovrebbero Essere Risolti.