When you try to update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, one of these messages may appear on your computer.

Try Updating Your Device In The Kitchen Again

If your model is disabled during an update or restore, or if your computer cannot specify a device to restore, you may receive one of the following messages:

  • Failed to restore iPhone 4s [device name]. An unknown error has occurred (9).
  • Failed to restore cell phone [device name]. An unknown error has occurred (4005).
  • Failed to restore iPod [device name]. An unknown error has occurred (4013).
  • Failed to restore iPad [device name]. An unknown error has occurred (4014).

Try the best steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest macOS or one of our latest iTunes versions on your Mac.
  2. Force restart the device:
    • iPad models without a Home button: Quickly press the drop-down volume button closest to the top button. Press and quickly release the volume key farthest from the top key. Press and hold the top button until the machine restarts. If you’re unsure, check out which gestures to press to control your iPad.
    • iPhone 8 or later: Briefly press the volume key to increase the volume. Usually, briefly press and release the volume down button. Hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.
    • iPhone 7, iPhone 2011 Energy Tax Credit Plus and iPod touch (7th generation): Press and hold the lesser-known (or higher) button and the volume down buttondon’t see that special Apple logo.
    • iPad Home models, iPhone 6s or earlier, and iPod touch (6.
  3. Connect the new device to your computer using a USB cable. Find your device using your computer.
  4. If an update or repair service is displayed, click Update instead of Repair to reinstall the software and keep your most important personal information.

If You Are Still Helping, Please Try These Steps

If you can update your device but everything starts up in recovery mode, try the above steps again. Go to step 4, choose “Restore” instead of “Update”. After the restore is complete, ask to set up your device as a backup.

If you are still thinking about the upgrade error:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version for Mac or PC. Every time you restart your computer for useful updates, check for updates again when you complete reboot.
  2. Try to repair the drive using a different USB cable.
  3. Try restoring another computer to your device.

itunes error 9 fix ipad

If you do continue to see errors 9, 4005, 4013, or 4014 when you try to restore your iPhone, iPad or other iPod touch, please contact us.

Learn more about other updates and bugs.

itunes error 9 fix ipad

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