How To Resolve A Sun-Solaris Bus Error?

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    In some cases, your computer may display an error message indicating a Sun Solaris bus error. There can be several reasons for this error to appear. In computing, an actual bus failure is a hardware error that alerts the operating device (OS) that a process is planning to access memory that the CPU cannot physically address: a bad address for the address bus, hence the last name.


    Bus name=”msgs-1098″>


    What causes Sigbus?

    SIGBUS (bus error) is a signal generated when an attempt is made to access memory that is not exactly physically allocated. Your operator logged out when your good old RAM-mapped file was open, and since the file no longer existed, the OS usually couldn’t load it into RAM for you, giving you a new SIGBUS in place.

    A process function received a signal indicating an attempt to perform I/O operations on a limited or missing device. This message is almost always accompanied by a memory dump on all but read-only filesystems.


    Use the debugger to inspect the main file and determine which device or system problem caused the bus error. If possible, check the output files of the program for corrupted numbers that may have appeared before the bus error.

    Technical Notes

    sun solaris bus error

    Bus errors can be caused by a serious programming error or a device corruption in the system. Some common elements of bus errors are invalid content descriptors, unreasonable I/O requests,misallocated internal memory, misaligned data structures, compiler errors, corrupted boot blocks.

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