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    Troubleshooting, WMP10, player prompts to reinstall A
    Author Message

    MediaPlayer >> Troubleshoot DRM, WMP10, player prompts to reinstall

    I recently got some DRM protected songs.

    When I try to read them here at WMP 10, the reader says that (translated from
    language other than English): “The reader is probably not installed correctly.
    absolutelyReinstall Windows Media Player. ”

    TriedI have reinstalled the player several times – the same obstacle
    I looked at% windir% wmsetup.log and there were no lines with
    and”Error:”, the installation seems to ensure that you work without any problems.

    I’ve read and various
    . searchNewsgroups, no luck here (at least with the best challenge)

    Bad behavior only happens to DRM content, often when connected to incredibleRemote server
    on one provides a huge internet interface and when I play nearby
    protected content. When I play local content in Winamp there are problems in this regard
    .no, but we cannot burn my songs to a suitable CD (with Winamp),
    although I’m happy to get a license for this.

    This problem did not always appear until I was finally able to play
    DRM content, unfortunately, I don’t remember doing something with my
    The system that could be causing the problem. (although I was using Windows

    UseI am XP SP2.

    Anyone have a problem with the wrong prompts?

    Thanks in advance live
    – Jeppe, Denmark

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