How To Fix Weblogic Plugin Debug Log Error

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    If you’re getting a Weblogic plugin debug log error, this guide should help.

  • Date: June 10, 2020
  • Article: Joe Malevic
  • Most of us professional Oracle Hyperion EPM infrastructure consultants sometimes don’t understand the actual behavior of Oracle HTP Server (OHS) clicks on a managed WebLogic server deployed in an Oracle Hyperion EPM configuration at customers. where we can’t figure out why things don’t “communicate” the way they should, e.g. So, from our simple set of tricks, we pull out the old gate “how to debug all traffic” and realize that our team constantly forgets about these simple but powerful settings. That’s why I created this blog post!

    My memory fails, I would say that the older I get, the more after creating and posting this article I have a good safe place to follow these simple steps for those tedious and annoying troubleshooting tasks.

    It is important to note that these procedures will work with Fusion for Middleware (FMW) 11g as it is likely to be integrated and compatible with certain Oracle Hyperion EPM,,, systems at condition . and finally These errors often do not apply to b On a newer Oracle EPM Hyperion 11.2.0 system, it might be 11.2.1 because those newer versions ship with the newer Fusion Middleware (FMW) 12c. I will publish another blog with procedures for the next version.

    In the context of this blog, find us running Oracle Hyperion EPM 11th system.1.2.4 on Windows 2012.

    weblogic plugin debug log

    First, create a destination, such as debug logs. The name is arbitrary, just whatever you named it and where it is in the pc file as it will be required in the next steps.

    1-Create current directory or Windows folder

    Back up some existing mod_wl_ohs.conf files. Depending on the hosting option you chose when deploying each of our Oracle Hyperion EPM systems, this directory may be located on the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) in the following configOHS folder:

    2-Default mod_wl_ohs-conf file location

    Or, if you selected this option during the “Settings” task,bb-server” of the “General Configuration” process, this important file can be located in the user’s Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) EPM share. Of course, for your OHS instance, take a close look at the httpd.conf file and find each of our “include below” sections by file size. This will give you the currently configured location. **NOTE** If you do have multiple Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) servers, you must fully verify this location on each server and make sure they match and point to the same location. Otherwise, families will need to update each file entry on the server so that context is associated with that blog entry.

    3-Standard Httpd ohs conf History location
    enable "moduleconf/*.conf"   Enable "//11124-prd/EPMShared/OHS/mod_wl_ohs.conf".   Include "//11124-prd/EPMShared/OHS/epm_online_help.conf".   Include "//11124-prd/EPMShared/OHS/epm_rewrite_rules.conf".    "//11124-prd/EPMSarted/OHS/epminclude.conf"   Include "//11124-prd/EPMShared/OHS/deflate.conf".
    4-httpd conf info include section

    During the dayIn all One Person deployments, we use the shared EPM location for the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) Configuration Web Task. This forces us to run that web server task again. In the event of a complete configuration modification of the Oracle Hyperion EPM System software, all OHS files will be automatically restructured.

    5-General path to mod_wl_ohs file configuration
    6-Backup mod_wl_ohs common config file

    Edit the mod_wl_ohs.conf folder to include the ohs logging specifications required for the WebLogic LocationMatch section of the managed WebLogic server for which you want to debug the website. Please note that this log fills up very quickly, so when troubleshooting communication proxy/web traffic for multiple products, we create a separate file to get WebLogic LocationMatch for each product for easier analysis.

    weblogic plugin debug log

    Add the appropriate Debug and WLLogFile location parameters using the location of your first degree family created above. The filename and extension of your currentth log are arbitrary, so we’re just using a snippet from the WebLogic-managed server, which we’re really debugging by name because of the .log extension. The displayed content is plain text.

    For a valid (and informative) technical reference on these parameters, see the certification website published by Oracle:

    Debug enabledWLLogFile C:MyDebugLogsOHS-CalcMgr.log

    An example of the Calculation Manager LocationMatch section AFTER adding/updating Debug and WLLogFile settings as needed:

        SetHandler web logic handler    Weblogic Cluster 11124-PRD:8500    WLIO timeout s. 14400    Idempotent OFF    WlsocketTimeOutsex 600    Debugging enabled    C:MyDebugLogsOHS-CalcMgr wllogfile.log
    7-Edit LocationMatch for mod_wl_ohs config file

    For the changes to take effect, you must restart the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) on each server you are on and debug the traffic. As we continue to use Windows, we get Windows services. msc Control Panel and restart the Oracle Process Manager Windows service (ohs#### instance):

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