How To Fix Problems With Monitoring Win32 Files

Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they have encountered a win32 file monitor.

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    An application can monitor the contents of a directory and its subdirectories by making changes using notifications. Waiting for a significant change to be notified is like waiting to read the healthy directory and, if necessary, its subdirectories. If something changes in the observed prompt, h The life is undoubtedly over. For example, an application can use these functions to update a new listing directory when the file information in the monitored directory changes.

    win32 file monitor

    The summary can specify the number of environments in which the change notification will be triggered using the FindFirstChangeNotification function. Issues include changes to file names, web directory names, attributes, file size, lost last write time, and security. This position also returns a handle, which is definitely expected when using typically wait functions . If a wait script is encountered, FindNextChangeNotification can provide a second hand notification handler so that you can wait for subsequent changes. However, these features do not reflect fair change that meets the expectation condition.

    For specific information on optimization for notification, purchase the readdirectorychangesw feature. This function also allows you to carry out the finishing procedure.

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
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  • The following example monitors the forest directory fordirectory name changes. It also tracks changes to the name of the image in the directory. The example uses the new FindFirstChangeNotification function to generate two notifications and handles the WaitForMultipleObjects function that waits for handles. Every time a service is created or deleted using a tree, the example must revisit the entire directory tree. Every time a new file is deleted or created in the directory, the example has to reload the directory.

    win32 file monitor

      #include #include #include #include void RefreshDirectory (LPTSTR);cancel RefreshTree (LPTSTR);cancel WatchDirectory (LPTSTR);void _tmain (int argc, TCHAR * argv [])    if (argc! matches 2)            _tprintf (TEXT ("Usage:% s   n"), argv [0]);        To return to;        WatchDirectory (argv [1]);void WatchDirectory (LPTSTR lpDir) (dwChangeHandles [1] == NULL))        printf (" n ERROR: unexpected NULL from FindFirstChangeNotification.  n");     ExitProcess (GetLastError ());   // change the group of notifications. Now wait for notification for both options// manage and update them accordingly.    during (TRUE)       // Wait for notification.       printf (" nWhile waiting for a lot of notificationth ...  n ");      dwWaitStatus = WaitForMultipleObjects (2, dwChangeHandles,         FALSE, INFINITE);       a little (dwWaitStatus)                Case WAIT_OBJECT_0:          // The file was created, renamed or lost in the directory.         // Update this directory and restart someone's notification.              RefreshDirectory (lpDir);             if if (FindNextChangeNotification (dwChangeHandles [0]) == FALSE)                            printf (" n ERROR: FindNextChangeNotification process failed.  n");               ExitProcess (GetLastError ());                          Pause;          WAIT_OBJECT_0 reason +1:          // The directory was created, renamed or deleted.         // Update the tree structure and restart fine notification.              RefreshTree (lpDrive);             if (FindNextChangeNotification (dwChangeHandles [1]) == FALSE)                            printf (" n ERROR: FindNextChangeNotification failed.  n");               ExitProcess (GetLastError ());                          Pause;          WAIT_TIMEOUT case:         // Timed out, probably if a different value is appropriate         // when INFINITE was used in a hold call without any changes.         // In a single threaded environment, you don't need this at all         // waits ENDLESS.             printf (" nNo change the timeout.  n");            Pause;         Initially:            printf (" n ERROR: dwWaitStatus notsupported.  n ");            ExitProcess (GetLastError ());            Pause;         void RefreshDirectory (LPTSTR lpDir)  // Here you can place the update program  // List collections, but not all subtrees because of this  // That is unnecessary.  _tprintf (TEXT ("Directory (% s) changed.  n"), lpDir);invalid RefreshTree (LPTSTR lpDrive)   // Here we can update the code in your   // List of directories, in particular the subtree.   _tprintf (TEXT ("Directory spec (% s) changed.  n"), lpDrive); 
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    How does WMI monitoring work and how does it work?

    This is because WMI monitors the work – it first lists the files and their properties, and then also requests changes in the current interval. For this reason, using WMI to track a large number of files is not a good idea.

    This simplified example uses a running ExitProcess to exit and clean up, but other complex applications should still use ideal resource management such as FindCloseChangeNotification where appropriate.

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